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Chapter 207 All Dead

  • Sang Shixi grabbed Wei Lan’s wrist and set it down with unrelenting definiteness. Wei Lan was beyond angry as her face turned red with the intensity of her emotions.
  • “Didn’t you just hear that she just admitted that she was the one who spread all those photos!? You’d still stand for this woman even knowing that!? You’re simply going to ignore the fact that this woman had publicly humiliated and disgraced your very own mother!?”
  • “Mother, Xia Zhi is a mad hound. You keep your hand out of her mouth, and you won’t have to worry about her bite.”
  • I spat, inside. If I was a mad hound, that’d make him the very hound that guarded the gates of hell.
  • Holding back and swallowing down my retort, I shook my head slightly. I didn’t come here to fight with them today. Besides, it’d only be a waste of my breaths.
  • Today, I saw my baby, my lovely Baitang. And after the banquet ended, after I knew how Sang Qi had been, it would make today the perfect day of my life.
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