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Chapter 205 Disappeared Completely

  • At first, I thought the handing out pamphlets would only last for the first few days, but it turned out to be a few months instead.
  • I knew that Sang Shixi did it on purpose. It was a lousy pay rate, and of course handing out pamphlets wouldn’t lead to any bonus either.
  • But then again, I have my own house, so in the end I still managed to break even with my living expenses despite being paid peanuts. Besides, going through and seeing all kinds of different people on the streets every day, in a sense, it helped a little with the feeling of emptiness in my heart.
  • Sometimes when I took a slight break for a drink, I would remember Sang Qi.
  • I would remember the days that we spent together. The time that we truly spent together wasn’t long, maybe two months or three, but it was the time that I cherish the most throughout my entire life.
  • I really wanted to know how they were doing, and whether Mrs. Sang got better.
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