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Chapter 204 Back To Dayu

  • Well, at least now I knew that no one would care about me even if I slapped the table and put on a tough act. After that little episode, I left, knowing that it was pointless no matter what I do.
  • Walking to the elevator, just as I was about to push the button to call for the elevator, someone called out to me and ran up to me from behind. I turned around, it was an unfamiliar face. I looked at him with suspicious eyes.
  • He only said, “Ms. Xia, if I may suggest, stop wasting your time with all these meaningless actions. Here in Jincheng, without explicit words from ‘that man’, no one would dare to approach you, much less hiring you and giving you a job.”
  • I only looked back at him for a while, then turned and called the elevator and left. I didn’t bother asking who “that man” was, since there could only be one possibility.
  • Since looking for a job by normal means proved to be difficult, I began looking through my old connections instead.
  • I called a certain reporter friend, and asked her to find a job for me, any job would do, even if it wasn’t in the media profession.
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