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Chapter 203 Leave Him, Even If I Die

  • If someone loved another person more than anything else in the world, nothing could be more important to them than the person they loved. In my case, I knew my child would at least be well looked after, but it was my heart that has lost a place to belong.
  • Really, I didn’t really have to die. I would like to think that I was quite an easy customer to please. If death wasn’t on the menu, then I guess perpetual coma would do just as nicely. Or maybe brain dead like a vegetable, or anything, so long as it means that I wouldn’t have to think about anything, or care about anything.
  • But knowing Sang Shixi, now that he had pulled me back from death, he definitely wouldn’t let me see death again so easily a second time.
  • After all, it’d be such a shame and a waste, only to lose me after paying such a big price to bind me by his side.
  • Sang Shixi hired literally an entire football team of people to watch me, and even told the nurse to restrain me onto my bed.
  • I couldn’t move a muscle at all, and could only lie on my back unmoving like a corpse while staring at the ceiling all day.
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