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Chapter 202 Come, With Us

  • Unsurprisingly, I came down with a fever again. Every time when my mood swings, it always ends with me coming down with a fever on the sickbed.
  • My mood swings affect me both psychologically and physiologically.
  • My fever had me bedridden for an entire week, and during this time, I could only find out about Mrs. Sang’s conditions through Sang Shixi.
  • Mrs. Sang was still unconscious, and none of the doctors had any remote clue as to when or if Mrs. Sang would wake up again. Sang Shixi said that they seemed to have come into knowledge about a new experimental treatment that was being developed overseas that might work with Mrs. Sang’s condition, so they have decided to leave Jincheng and take Mrs. Sang overseas for the treatment.
  • Of course, Sang Qi also took Sheng Yanyan with him, and it also seemed like Gu Yuu might tag along with them.
  • Sang Qi sold off all his properties, and managed to break clean with all his debts. Throughout all this time, Nan Huaijin helped and looked after them, and took care of all other things, like making arrangements with doctors and medical scholars for them.
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