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Chapter 199 Hell

  • Without a word, Sang Shixi tossed a key at me. I grabbed it and turned around to leave. He didn’t stop me.
  • Because he had seen the resolve in my eyes. Because he knew that I would come back to him. Because he knew that I had nowhere else to go.
  • It wasn’t a matter of choosing a road that I want to head down, but heading down the only road that was before me. There was never a choice for me since the beginning.
  • I found the car that opened to the car key that he gave me in the garage of the Sang Household, and drove out from the Sang Household.
  • All throughout, my phone kept ringing, continuously. Sang Qi had called me countless times, and even now, he still tried to reach out to me, but I swiped and sent his call to voicemail directly and called Mrs. Sang.
  • The time was late, and I knew that I must have disturbed her rest, but this just might be the last time that I would see her for the rest of my life.
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