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Chapter 198 As Long As It Works

  • In the end, I didn’t even know how I ended the call with Nan Huaijin. Calling him made me all the more lost.
  • On one hand, Sang Shixi threatened me to leave Sang Qi, and on the other, Nan Huaijin suggested that I leave Sang Qi. Was there truly no way that Sang Qi and I could be together?
  • I already forgot who said it to me first, that I was Sang Qi’s misfortune. I should have known, from the very beginning, when I caused Sang Qi to lose everything he had at the Sang Household, that I could only make it worse for him.
  • On and on, I walked on, until I was too tired to take another step. Looking around, I finally realized that my footsteps had taken me back to the Sang Household, and I was staring right at the front gate.
  • I didn’t want to have to come, but my body acted on its own will. They still held my baby hostage, and Sang Shixi only wanted me and nothing else. If leaving him means that Sang Qi would once again regain his luster, if it means that he would once again shake the dust off his wings and soar into the skies again, then I guess, me losing a lover was but a small price to pay.
  • Which would mean, that I have but one thing to do. Make Sang Qi hate me. He must hate me. Only then, could he return to being the unyielding wolf that he once was.
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