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Chapter 197 Leave Him

  • “Sang Qi...” My throat clogged up. Though I always prided myself in my quick wits, right now, I couldn’t even form a complete sentence in my head.
  • My words were in pieces, hardly making sense even to myself, “Watson is a fraud. I’m sorry Sang Qi. I did this to you...”
  • “All businesses have risks. Ups and downs, peaks and valleys, sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t. There is no need to be so hard on yourself, Xia Zhi.”
  • His voice was gentle, unusually gentle. He was still the Sang Qi I knew. I knew he wouldn’t speak harshly to me.
  • He once told me no amount of money can be as important as I am. I felt so happy then, but now, I’d rather that his words were harsher and heavier against me, it’d make me feel slightly less terrible about myself.
  • “Are you in a lot of debt?” My voice trembled slightly.
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