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Chapter 195 Watson, All An Act

  • I slammed the door on him and left. I won’t be threatened, and of course I won’t give up those photos.
  • By the time I came back home, when I checked again, those photos had already been deleted.
  • But it was no use. Everyday after that, I’d go to a different internet cafe and upload one or two more photos, each one different than the previous one, just like those cheap TV dramas that Gu Yuu liked so much.
  • I put my thoughts into action, and three days after that, with so much attention from all the people on the internet, various media channels finally began reporting on it.
  • Though not a single one of them dared to mention Wei Lan’s name explicitely, but on the whole, the image of the Sang Household was indeed dragged through the dirt and grime.
  • I couldn’t know what state of chaos had the Sang Household fallen into, but my paparazzi friend informed me that one of her people saw Wei Lan at the hospital, treating a wound on her arm.
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