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Chapter 193 Gigantic Scope

  • As I drove, Gu Yuu kept yelling like a madman, “O Am Gee! This is big! This is so big that it’s huge!”
  • “You even realize that you’ve stopped making sense?”
  • “No, it’s what she was doing to her boyman, look!”
  • She shoved her telescope right in front of my eyes, yes, while I was still driving and tailing close behind them. I immediately slapped her hand away, “Have you finally gone completely nuts? I’m driving! Just tell me, what do you see?”
  • Gu Yuu was so excited that her face was glowing with a faint blush, “That boy really is Wei Lan’s boyfriend! I saw them kissing and tonguing in the car!”
  • Apparently according to Gu Yuu, Wei Lan was so thirsty that her hands already slipped inside that man’s shirt.
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