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Chapter 192 Running Into Wei Lan

  • And so, as Sang Qi had discussed with his lawyers, we took this to court with Sang Shixi and demanded legal custody of my child. Almost as soon as we filed the case, media all over Jincheng jumped and was all over us in less than a heartbeat. All of a sudden, I also became one of the most well known people in Jincheng.
  • On newspaper, on TV, and on the net, my photo and Sang Qi’s and Sang Shixi’s photo can often be seen placed side by side with my photo clamped in the middle between the two of them. They wrote stories about the love triangle that was between the three of us, each story more outrageous and scandalous than the next, but they wrote so convincingly that even I would have believed them if I hadn’t been personally involved in those stories that they made up.
  • Even Gu Yuu, as someone who had more or less seen everything about my involvement in all of this, she still bugs me everyday wanting me to tell her more as if this was the gossip of the century.
  • With news about me erupting into an uproar, it was almost for certain that it’d eventually reach my mother and father's ears.
  • Since that time when they visited me at the Sang Household, I remained in touch with my mother. We would occasionally talk on the phone, but we almost always only talked about the little unimportant things. She tried her best to respect and come to term with the decisions I’ve made, but everything about my current life was simply too foreign for my mother to accept all at once. So far, I haven’t yet broke the news to her that I’ve divorced Sang Shixi and moved in with Sang Qi.
  • Though when my phone rang and I saw that my aunt was the one who called, I realized that I didn’t need to worry about telling them anymore.
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