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Chapter 191 No Deal

  • The next day, I took a trip to the hospital and picked up a hard copy of the paternity report. With this trump card in my hand, I finally have some solid footing to stand up to Sang Shixi.
  • And so, there I went, straight to Sang Shixi. Not unexpectedly, Mr. Dong stopped me short outside Sang Shixi’s office.
  • Every crease and fold on that fat and plump face of his all displayed his unrestrained disdain and disgust towards me.
  • Though I could say without a second thought that the feeling was quite mutual. Every time I see him I always had an uncontrollable urge to stomp his face into a piece of rotten scrambled egg.
  • “I’m here to see Sang Shixi.” I said to the fat head.
  • “Mr. Sang will have no time for you.” Mr. Dong said, with his face held high looking up towards the ceiling and his nose upturned. If I have a bag of cement with me, I’d stuff those haughty nostrils of his with it, permanently.
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