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Chapter 190 Analysis Report

  • He cleaned and reapplied the medication on my forehead wound, then flipped me around face down onto the bed and carefully kneaded the anti-inflammatory ointment into the bruisres on my back.
  • Though his touch was as gentle as could be, the bruises still hurt like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t suppress the urge and moaned in pain from time to time as his hands mercilessly pressed and rolled over the bruises on my back, and before long I could hear Gu Yuu banging against the wall between our rooms in protest.
  • I was suffering in pain here, what did she think we were doing anyway!?
  • After a while, after I got used to the pain, it actually felt very comfortable. His slow and rhythmic touch lulled my senses closer and closer into my slumber.
  • When I was really about to fall asleep, Sang Qi’s voice floated and glided over my consciousness, “You know you’re terrible at keeping secrets right? I could already guess what really happened to you.”
  • That brought me back right into the land of wakefulness, “Please, don’t guess, haven’t anyone told you before that it’s wise to pretend that you aren’t?”
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