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Chapter 189 Found Out

  • I couldn’t stand Gu Yuu’s constant nag, and at the same time I also desperately needed someone to act as my emotional dump, so I unloaded everything on her. I told her what happened from beginning to the end, including the part where Mr. Sang threw me out.
  • Gu Yuu was all but ready to let herself loose, slapping tables left and right and turning the heads of many other customers in the cafe.
  • “I never thought that Mr. Sang could be so heartless! Everything about Mrs. Sang was good, all but her eyes, she must be blind to have married such a trash of a man! Eh? Actually, that’s not... right, they weren’t married at all, so Mrs. Sang was still technically single?”
  • “Whatever!” Gu Yuu always had a natural talent of subconsciously misdirecting the conversation elsewhere to some random end.
  • I stared at her hard, “Keep all of this to yourself. Not a single word of this to Sang Qi. If you should say anything at all, if Sang Qi knew about it, I’ll hold you responsible regardless of whether he knew it from you.”
  • “Alright, alright, I get it. Really, what’s the big deal anyway? So what if Sang Qi knew? He couldn’t very well just go and give Wei Lan a beating with his fists could he? Besides, it doesn’t look like he could convince his father of anything anyway. The way I see it, Sang Shixi inherited his father’s coldbloodedness, while Sang Qi got his good genes from Mrs. Sang.”
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