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Chapter 188 Go See Mrs. Sang

  • After spending a little bit more time with Mrs. Sang and reassuring her mother that everything was fine, I left their place. As I was leaving, Mrs. Sang told me to keep it a secret from Sang Qi, and I reluctantly agreed.
  • Though I agreed to keep it a secret from Sang Qi, there was one man that I must go and chalk this up to.
  • I drove directly to Dayu’s headquarter, and went straight to see Mr. Sang.
  • Down at the bottom floor, the security guards stopped me at the door. When I told him that I was Mr. Sang’s grandchild’s mother, the security guard eyed me suspiciously.
  • So, I shoved a photo of my wedding at that little security guard’s face, but he still didn’t look convinced.
  • Though in the end, he gave in to the pressure when I stared him down wordlessly.
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