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Chapter 187 A Jealous Wei Lan

  • Standing up from the floor, my knees wobbled and I almost faltered. Mrs. Sang quickly gave me a hand and steadied my faltering frame.
  • Mrs. Sang also received wounds on her face. I touched a red patch on her face lightly with a finger, but she only frowned and looked at me, “I’m fine. But you, Xia Zhi, you’re in much worse shape than I am. We need to get you to the hospital now.”
  • Before that, there was a much more pressing issue at hand. I stopped Mrs. Sang, and looked at the still terrified Wei Lan.
  • She was checking her face with a pocket mirror that she took out from her purse. I still held her hairpin firmly in my hand.
  • Looking straight at her, I said, “Look, Mrs. Sang, you’ve done what you came here to do, so why don’t you just take those bodyguards of yours and get out of here? After all, if words of this get to Mr. Sang’s ears, don’t you think that it just might be a little inconvenient for you?”
  • “Don’t you think you can threaten me with this! Do you really think that this woman is anything to Yanpo at all? I don’t know how but this woman must have done something underhanded to be able to stay a night in his office!”
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