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Chapter 186 Being Hit

  • Wei Lan also saw me. I haven’t seen her for a while, and she dressed just as pretentious as she did before.
  • In all honesty, Wei Lan was actually quite beautiful, however her sense of fashion seemed to lean more towards the sensual and seductive side.
  • And, no matter how beautiful anyone might be, they will eventually come to an age after which it becomes inappropriate to expose too much skin. However, I guess it was one’s freedom to dress however they wish.
  • The moment I saw her I felt a sense of unease stirring within me, and she also didn’t seem too pleased to see me either.
  • “Xia Zhi, why are you here? Ah, no need to tell me, I get it now. You’ve always wanted this shameless woman to be your mother-in-law haven’t you? How appropriate that the two of you are exactly the same!”
  • I couldn’t even be bothered to grace her accusations with a reply.
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