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Chapter 185 Who Are You To Him?

  • I was a little nervous, as I thought about how I might break this information to him. Perhaps my eyes had been a little too intent, a hint of unease began showing in the expression on Sang Qi’s face.
  • “Just, hold it right there. Don’t come any closer, or I might not be able to hold myself back.”
  • As if. After spending all the time with him, I knew just how much he could hold himself back when he puts his mind to it.
  • “Sang Qi, is it possible that you might be able to get something like a piece of Sang Shixi’s hair or something like that?”
  • He looked at me, “What do you want to do with it?”
  • “And is it possible for you to get your hands on something from my baby to do a paternity test?”
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