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Chapter 184 Ace Up My Sleeve

  • After coming out, Gu Yuu’s hands never left my arm. As we walked back to the movie, Gu Yuu asked, “That curvy and busty woman that was talking with you, who is she?”
  • “Her name is Huo Jia. Sang Shixi’s ex-wife.”
  • “Oh, then the two of you should have plenty to talk about, now that you’re Sang Shixi’s ex-wife too.”
  • “As if.”
  • When we finally got back, more than 10 minutes had passed. Since the movie was rather quick paced, in these 10 minutes I missed a lot of things.
  • When I asked Sang Qi about the plot, Sang Qi told me what happened. I was so frustrated that I could give Gu Yuu a boot to her butt.
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