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Chapter 183 Huo Jia At The Movie Theatre

  • But somehow, the rest of the dinner actually managed to end on a good note. I must say, this Nan Huaijin really knew how to create a good atmosphere.
  • He kept the conversation going with little jokes and stories one after the other. Though for someone as slow as Gu Yuu, often it’d take her to the middle of the second joke before she finally got the first joke and began laughing right in the middle as he was in the middle of telling the second joke.
  • It was painful to even watch.
  • They mismatched in just about every way, even in what they consider to be funny.
  • I drew near to Sang Qi to whisper beside his ear, “Maybe this was a bad idea.”
  • Sang Qi only smiled and took a sip of his soup before giving me a reply in leisure, “Or maybe not.”
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