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Chapter 182 A Man For Gu Yuu

  • Spring was a fascinating season. A season of rebirth, and growth.
  • In Sang Qi’s garden, out of nowhere, came a little cat, and it seemed to have taken a liking to a spot outside of our window. Day and night, Sang Qi and I could often hear it call.
  • Sang Qi told me that it was simply in heat, since it was springtime. Apparently, in this season, all animals big and small all wanted a mate to mate.
  • And this morning, on the drive to work, Gu Yuu whispered beside my ear, “So, you and Sang Qi, the two of you... mated?”
  • I spat at her vulgar choice of word right there, “What are you some kind of animal!?”
  • And she calls herself a cultured human being? Sang Qi was right there, right there beside our driver!
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