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Chapter 181 Anything I Wanted

  • Mrs. Sang’s skills in the kitchen far exceeded what I had expected of her. One by one, ordinary ingredients become transformed into extraordinary dishes by her hands.
  • One particular dish she made, tea leave infused king prawn, had Gu Yuu as soon as it was set on the dining table. I only had to look at the captivated look in her eyes to know that this must be a fantastic dish.
  • Though Gu Yuu usually preferred spicy dishes with a heavier taste, somehow Mrs. Sang managed to capture both Gu Yuu’s and my tastebuds without placing a single spicy dish on the table.
  • As we proceeded to gobble everything on the dining table down one by one, Mrs. Sang and her mother simply looked at us with smiling eyes. We spent a whole day at Mrs. Sang’s mother’s house. Gu Yuu and I were very entertaining, fooling around and making them laugh, doing all we can to keep the smile on their faces.
  • According to our friends, even since our college days, Gu Yuu and I had been their constant source of comic relief. During college, Gu Yuu and I tried out our drama and performing arts club once, once they were holding a practice audition for Romeo and Juliet, and somehow Gu Yuu and I turned the whole tragedy upside down and made a complete comedy out of it.
  • Incidentally, they commented that I seemed to have a natural knack for playing the part of pregnant women. Perhaps karma heard me boasting about it back then and really made me suffer through this past year of pregnancy as a divine retribution. Who knows.
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