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Chapter 179 All In?

  • For all this time, I’ve been looking for a job, but so far I’ve yet to be able to have any luck with it.
  • Though since the beginning Sang Qi had suggested that I could go to his company, but I was hesitant to do so. I didn’t want him to feel as if I wanted to keep my eyes on him at all times. But, since he offered on numerous occasions, and that I seemed to be hitting walls everywhere else, I decided that I’d take a look at Sang Qi’s company for the time being.
  • And so, at first it used to be that Sang Qi would go to work alone, then after a while it became Gu Yuu and Sang Qi going to work together, and now, all of us leave the house together early in the morning.
  • On the way, as Sang Qi drove, Gu Yuu asked me, “So, have you decided on which department you wanted to be in?”
  • Both Gu Yuu and I did our degree in Media Studies. Though after graduation, while I went on to become a reporter, Gu Yuu chose to work in a regular office job instead. And now, in Sang Qi’s company, Gu Yuu was placed in the Marketing Department, and apparently she was quite proficient with the tasks that they gave her.
  • Though, I really couldn’t be bothered to even lift my eyes away from my phone to answer her question, “What department? The company’s first lady, your boss’s wife and boss, that’s what I am.”
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