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Chapter 177 My Baby

  • The morning after that, I woke up especially early. It’s the day of Sang Qi’s grandfather’s funeral.
  • When I saw Mrs. Sang again, she was once again thinner and frailer, barely more than just skin and bones. Looking at her, my heart went out to her.
  • Sang Qi and I stood and supported her from both sides. Most of the people who attended the funeral were students of Sang Qi’s grandfather. Both of Mrs. Sang’s parents were university professors, and it was easy to see that only they would be capable of bringing up someone as educated and gentle as Mrs. Sang.
  • Since last time, I never once asked Sang Qi again whether his father showed up or even called him back. He may be my future father-in-law, but in my heart, he already took first place in my ranking of worst men currently alive in the world.
  • Though from another perspective, it might be a good thing that Mr. Sang refused to show his face. This way, Mrs. Sang would finally be able to see him for the heartless man that he is, and eventually get over him.
  • But unexpectedly, he finally came, before the end of the funeral. I guess there was still some semblance of a heart inside his chest, though honestly, I wished that he hadn’t.
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