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Chapter 175 Unexpected Gain

  • Mrs. Sang’s family was indeed a family of scholars.
  • This was the first time I saw Sang Qi’s grandmother.
  • She looked very much like Mrs. Sang. She was wearing a pair of rimless glasses, a plain woolen cardigan, over an ivory white traditional dress. She looked like the exact image of what I would expect an elderly person of a well off family would look like, in a time of past that has gone by.
  • I guess when Mrs. Sang becomes older, she’d look something like this too.
  • When the elderly woman saw us, she was neither surprised or displeased. When we greeted her, I copied Sang Qi and called her grandma, and she looked at me and nodded slightly. Then she said quietly to Sang Qi, “Come, help your mother inside to see your grandfather.”
  • I didn’t know if they had any traditions that I wasn’t aware of, so I didn’t go inside with them. Instead, I waited out here and simply offered an incense and paid my respect quietly.
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