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Chapter 170 Let Them Fight

  • That night, Sang Qi was able to come home early, and we had dinner together.
  • Being the mature and understanding woman that I am, I told him that I knew that this is the time that his company needed him the most, that he doesn’t have to accomodate my mood too much, and just focus on his career.
  • But he simply said that many of the meetings and functions are completely avoidable, and that the only reason why a man wouldn’t come home to have dinner with his wife is because he doesn’t love her anymore.
  • I felt rather enlightened by this new knowledge. I nodded, “Then in the future, when I get calls from you saying that you have something going on and couldn’t make it home for dinner, it’d mean that you no longer love me anymore.”
  • Sang Qi laughed and pinched my nose lightly, “Don’t bother waiting for that day, because it’d never come.”
  • Sang Qi’s reply naturally reminded me of the word “eternity”. Perhaps, back then when Mrs. Sang chose to stand by Mr. Sang’s side even despite his refusal to give her a proper standing in his household, perhaps Mrs. Sang thought that they could at least be together for as long as she lived.
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