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Chapter 169 So Much Love To Give But So Little Love To GIve

  • That news Gu Yuu brought me infuriated me, but after the heat of the moment passed, I was able to look at this again with a cool head.
  • Gu Yuu really has too much time on her hand. I didn’t even knew how or where she got all these articles and clippings of scandals on Sang Qi’s father from, or how she could possibly have the time to compile them together.
  • “Look at this one, this is from 5 years ago. Just look at how young that girl must be!” Gu Yuu clicked her tongue and whistled, “She was even pregnant with Mr. Sang’s child! But you know Wei Lan, how could a woman as sharp as she is even allow something like this to happen? She couldn’t stand even one Sang Qi, how could she stand having yet another potential competitor for Sang Shixi’s inheritance?”
  • I shot a glare at her. What’s this got to do with Sang Qi?
  • She simply shrugged and continued, “Afterwards, words has it that Wei Lan somehow did away with that woman’s child before it was even born, then that woman went mad. And did you know what Mr. Sang did? He simply gave that woman some money and never bothered with her again. Then there is this one... and this one...”
  • For an entire afternoon, Gu Yuu kept digging up dirt on Mr. Sang. I was surprised both at the sheer amount of things there are, and at the fact that I actually had the patience to finish listening to all of this.
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