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Chapter 167 Twitching Eyelid, Bad Omen

  • Life sure has been full of surprises lately. After the police officers brought me to the station, they questioned me as if I was a serial killer, all the while doubting my every word.
  • What happened inside Sheng Yanyan’s ward barely lasted three minutes, or less, but the way they chose to nitpick and twist my words made it seem like a whole episode of a horror suspense movie.
  • I looked at the officers, lamenting at their incompetency inside, “Look, like I’ve been saying all this time, that fruit knife belonged to Sheng Yanyan. This whole thing had nothing to do with me whatsoever.”
  • “Don’t you even think for one second that you can talk your way out of this. Our forensics team already began working on the fingerprints on that knife, and when it comes back we should fined that you’ve been telling lies all this time...”
  • “Have you ever come across a murderer who cut himself while leaving his victim completely unharmed?”
  • “Maybe you’re just an inexperienced murderer, but still a murderer, just one that isn’t very good at doing your job.”
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