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Chapter 166 No, She Attacked Me

  • My baby was hospitalized for a week. Afterwards, I heard news that the treatment was successful, and a week later after all his numbers returned to normal, they took him home.
  • I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my chest, knowing that my baby had recovered. Then a few days later, the hospital called and informed me that the paternity analysis between Sang Qi and Sheng Yanyan’s child has been completed, and asked if I could go to the hospital to pick up the analysis report.
  • I called Sang Qi immediately afterwards. He seemed to be in a meeting, and sounded genuinely disinterested, “You can go pick it up for the two of us. Just remember to tell me about the result.”
  • He sounded as if he wasn’t nervous about it at all, and I began heading out to the hospital. Truthfully, I also think that this child has nothing to do with Sang Qi.
  • Besides, with Sang Qi being so clear cut about everything, it was impossible that he would have done something to Sheng Yanyan at all.
  • I knew that, I do, but when I finally stood outside the doctor’s office, I found my legs shaking, trembling at what the doctor might say. Outside the doctor’s door, I took a few deep breaths, then pushed the door open and went inside.
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