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Chapter 165 Spirit Of The Contract

  • The stretcher was at a fair distance away from the observation window. I couldn’t see what he looked like clearly, but only the blood bag containing our blood dripping into the transfusion tube then into the child drop by drop.
  • When the nurse came out, I asked if I could go inside and see him. The nurse replied kindly, “Of course, all parents have the right to be with their child.”
  • I wasn’t even able to take two steps before Sang Shixi grabbed my wrist in his iron grip, “You haven’t forgotten the contract have you?”
  • In truth, I did. Oath, contract, everything was gone from my mind right now, and only the image of my child suffering alone on the sick bed remained, until I was reminded coldly that I have resigned all rights to the child to him.
  • I wasn’t going to see him. I didn’t plan to even meet him, but I did.
  • And now, even though he knew the child was suffering, even though he knew how much it pained me, he refused me the one thing I desired the most. Sang Shixi wouldn’t even let me give my child the warmth he deserves. He is cruel. More than cruel, he is inhuman.
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