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Chapter 163 Consequence

  • Of course I don’t reason like most normal people. I’m not just any normal people. I’m Xia Zhi.
  • Though in truth, I was simply expressing my feelings about this matter. I wasn’t seriously trying to make Sang Qi into a heartless machine towards other women. Besides, Sang Qi has always been a rational person who can keep a clear head in all circumstances. I trust his judgments.
  • It didn’t take long before sleep found me, though it didn’t do a very good job of keeping me. It was spring, and days gradually became warmer and warmer, and especially so with a giant human heater like Sang Qi hugging me for the entire night. I woke up a few times from the heat, and every time I shrugged myself out of his arms, by the time my eyes opened again I was once again back into his arms. In the end, I gave up trying after a few unsuccessful attempts and simply let him have his way.
  • After finally getting accustomed to the warmth, in the middle of the night, we were woken up again. It was Sang Qi’s phone.
  • As a master sleeper, I could proudly say that I could sleep through just about anything. Earthquakes, thunder storms, typhoons and such, nothing can wake me up, but this little phone call did.
  • I stared at the empty space blankly, as Sang Qi got up and took the call. I couldn’t hear what the other person told him over the phone, but he immediately got out of the bed and began hurriedly putting on his clothes.
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