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Chapter 162 Everyone Want A Piece Of My Sang Qi

  • Right in the middle of the dinner table, was a large plate with Gu Yuu’s chili crab along with the rest of the other seafood that was in her wok piled into a small mountain. Thankfully, Ms. Huan also made other dishes tonight, so that wasn’t the only thing on the dinner table.
  • With a whole table filled with food, though unwilling, it’d be impolite of me to not invite Ma Jia to stay for dinner.
  • Not that it was a difficult thing to do. I’ve only began to mention it and she immediately nodded, “I’ve been curious about what kind of cook our Mr. Sang have for a while now.”
  • Sitting ourselves down on the dinner table, I helped Ma Jia to a fleshy chili crab. She took a bite and raised her thumb, “Your Ms. Huan really is a brilliant cook. Tangy and spicy, and you can just taste how fresh the ingredients are.”
  • I laughed and introduced the “cook” responsible for that, giving Gu Yuu a pat on the back, “Here’s our promising young chef responsible for that dish.”
  • Despite having mistook Gu Yuu’s cooking for Ms. Huan’s, the merry dinner mood remains unaffected by this little interlude. Ma Jia skillfully picked away at her chili crab. I hadn’t known that it was possible, but somehow, she was able to finish her crab and all the while doing so in perfect elegance, while Gu Yuu and I looked like two uncivilized barbarians chomping down on hard crab shells.
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