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Chapter 161 Ms. Ma, What A Coincidence

  • I really couldn’t stand Sheng Yanyan. Even now, she’d still give Sang Qi a hard time, making him choose between me and her.
  • Hearing that, naturally, I stopped and didn’t get into the car. Sang Qi placed Sheng Yanyan, settled her in, then surprisingly, came out and didn’t sit himself in with her, “Special Nurse Li, I shall entrust her to you for a few days. Please take good care of her.”
  • “Yes, of course, Mr. Sang.” The special nurse who followed behind us nodded and replied.
  • Even after the nurse got in and closed the door, I could still hear Sheng Yanyan wailing through the car window, “Qi... Qi... !”
  • A perfect example of “every action has its consequence”. If she hadn’t done that, at least she’d still have Sang Qi taking her home. But now, not anymore.
  • Sang Qi took my hand into his, and the two of us watched as the special nurse drove Sheng Yanyan away.
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