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Chapter 159 Say It! Did You Do It?

  • I couldn’t say anything. For the first time, I wasn’t able to take the upperground in a fight of words.
  • I couldn’t find any faults in Sheng Yanyan’s words. But I won't simply take this lying down. I’ll talk to Sang Qi and get to the bottom of this.
  • I turned around. Standing beside the entrance, I was merely a couple of steps away from the door. Before I could push the door to go out, Sheng Yanyan’s voice sounded behind me once more, “Sang Qi knew. The doctor told me that before I came back to consciousness, he already told him. But, looking at the face you’re making right now, he hasn’t told you yet has he?”
  • He didn’t. I knew nothing about this, and that’s why I was completely unprepared for this.
  • I didn’t need to turn my head around to look at her to see the smile that must be on her face right now. It was a nice move, getting me to come here to her. She won, this time.
  • I pushed through the door and went outside, and smacked my forehead right into Gu Yuu’s who came back to give me my drink.
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