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Chapter 157 I Want To See You, And You Will See Me

  • At first, I thought that, since Sang Qi left Dayu already, he’d have plenty of time to be with me, taking me places to eat and play and fool around.
  • But he seemed even busier than before. When I woke up he was already gone.
  • Feeling the emptiness beside me on my bed where Sang Qi was last night with my hand, it irked more than just a little bit. So I immediately grabbed my phone and called his number.
  • He was probably drinking a warm cup of coffee right now, because his voice sounded so smooth and warm, as if the phone was capable of transmitting even that across, “Hmmm? So early in the morning and you missed me already?”
  • “Where are you? Think you can pull a fast one on me after getting into my bed last night?”
  • He laughed a little, “Now where could I possibly run away to? You already had me around you little finger haven’t you?”
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