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Chapter 156 She Lives

  • When the sun was almost set, Gu Yuu came home from work. The first thing she did when she came into the house was telling me with a gloating face that her superior didn’t give her a good talk about her promptness to work, or the lack of it.
  • It was right this time that Sang Qi called me. The timing of the call surprised me, and instead of taking the call, I accidentally fumbled and rejected the call. Realizing what I did, I immediately called him back, and he told me that Sheng Yanyan has woken up, and that all her vitals are back to normal.
  • I felt as if a rock had been lifted off my chest. Though I never thought of myself as some sort of a holy saint, I wasn’t heartless to the point of being able to witness someone’s death without a bat of an eye either.
  • If Sheng Yanyan really did die, it’d leave a permanent mark on my heart.
  • Which was why when I heard that her life was finally out of danger, I felt my whole person relax. I didn’t ask Sang Qi when he’d be back, not when Sheng Yanyan had just been so close to death. Besides, he called me as he said he would. This is where his heart is, with me, and that was more than enough for me.
  • Hanging up the call, I found that Gu Yuu was looking at me, “See, I told you that Sheng Yanyan won’t just up and die like that.”
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