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Chapter 155 Come With Us

  • After breaking the news about Sheng Yanyan on Mrs. Sang, she became visibly depressed. With her head hung low, she seemed to be thinking about something.
  • I don’t know what she could possibly be thinking. I knew, from all of my contacts with her, that Mrs. Sang was a very kind hearted mother. I’d imagine that any other mother in the world would consider me as nothing short of a walking pillar of disaster.
  • In the beginning, her son was the Vice CEO of Dayu. In this world, there was only one person that Sang Qi must answer to, but to the rest of the world, he was like a god.
  • And now, he threw away all of it, all for my sake, one unknown woman that simply popped out of nowhere. And yet, Mrs. Sang still treated me with the same gentleness that she showered me with the very first day that she met me.
  • After a long silence, Mrs. Sang opened her mouth to speak once more, “This isn’t the first time that has done that, suiciding.”
  • Startled and shocked, I raised my eyes to look at Mrs. Sang.
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