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Chapter 154 Leave, Go Somewhere Else!

  • When I came back to Sang Qi’s place, Gu Yuu hadn't woken up yet.
  • She also drank quite a bit last night, though I must say that I’ve never yet seen anyone with the intent of getting someone drunk also drank themselves senseless straight afterwards.
  • I sat down beside her bed, and watched as she slept on like a dead pig.
  • There was a little packet of peanuts on the top of her bedside cabinet. I took it and looked closer at the label, “Wrapped In Crunchy Fish Skin!” it said. Fancy. I broke into the little packet without a second thought, and began popping them into my mouth one after the other. Perhaps the peanuts really were as crunchy as they advertised, the sound of me gnawing away on her peanuts seemed to have woken her up.
  • When Gu Yuu opened her eyes and saw me sitting beside her on the bed, her eyes widened in surprise as she jumped and got out of her bed cover.
  • “What are you doing here and why are you sitting on my bed?”
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