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Chapter 152 So Close, So Very Close

  • I didn’t actually need to think about it for too long, or at all. Just then I simply had a momentary loss of my thinking ability, and after my brain rebooted and came back online, the decision was immediate.
  • If I was willing to throw away trillions worth of a major corporation like Dayu, all for the sake of one man, of course I was willing to marry him. It was never a question of if.
  • I looked up into his eyes and slapped all of my documents into Sang Qi’s hands, “Let’s do this thing. Onwards, comrade!”
  • He took my hand, and we headed back the way that I came. On our way, I saw Sang Shixi just got into his car, though instead of driving away to attend his meeting, he simply looked at us as we headed back into the Marriage Registration Office.
  • I didn’t turn my head back, not even once, but I knew that Sang Shixi was looking intently at us.
  • Of course, someone as smart as he is knew exactly what we will be doing heading back inside the Marriage Registration Office. Everything was so right. We both have our documents ready, the birds are singing, everything about today tells us that it’s a good day to get married.
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