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Chapter 151 Unmarrying And Remarrying

  • I couldn’t have been more right in choosingSang Qi to be my driver. He drives nice, but he can drive fast if needed, or both. When our car stopped by the entrance of the Marriage Registration Office, it was exactly 20 minutes.
  • Sang Shixi’s car was parked beside a little garden not too far from the entrance. Getting out of Sang Qi’s car, I quickly went to where Sang Shixi’s car was, and knocked on his window.
  • The door opened, and Sang Shixi walked out of the car, though instead of looking at me, he turned his head back and gave Sang Qi’s car a long and hard stare.
  • “Getting your extramarital lover boyfriend to drive you to divorce your husband? You really aren’t one for niceties and modesty are you?”
  • Sang Shixi’s words were downright venomous, but I paid it no mind. I’m in a good mood today. So long as he agrees to divorce me, I couldn’t care less whatever he might say.
  • I gave him a smile, “Good thing it’s still early in the morning. We didn’t even have to wait in a line. Well, let’s get this done and over with quickly. My stomach just reminded me that, I haven’t had breakfast yet.
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