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Chapter 150 So What If Others Love Me Or Not?

  • Likewise filling her own glass with wine, Gu Yuu raised her glass at me. She was being uncommonly serious for a change.
  • She filled my glass all the way up to the rim, so I had to be careful with it as to not tip its content over.
  • I took a sip as she did, and when I put the glass down again, there were tears in Gu Yu’s eyes.
  • I immediately set the glass down on the table and looked at her eyes, “You’re crying?”
  • “Shove off.” She waved the hand I reached out to her aside, and began her heartfelt confession, “Lil Craz, I need to congratulate you for overcoming the temptation of the devil, and has chosen true love over cold cash. As your best friend, let me express just how proud I am of you right now.”
  • “Who, whoa, whoa!” I cut her off, “If I remember correctly, a few days ago it was ‘people are fickle and cash is the only thing that won’t lie to you’.”
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