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Chapter 149 The Great And Beautiful Me

  • I ran as hard as I could, as if there was a ghost chasing after me.
  • I was still on the same floor, since Sang Shixi got in before I could push the elevator button, and he didn’t press any floors either, so the elevator simply stayed on the same floor. As I ran, I noticed another opened elevator door that was about to close, so I dashed inside.
  • Slamming my hand against the “Close” button, I immediately pushed the number buttons and sent the elevator down.
  • It was only when I went out did I discover that I sent the elevator to the basement carpark rather than the ground level. But for now, finding myself weakened and out of strength, I leaned back against the wall and panted. I was still wearing that pair of heels that Sang Shixi had me wear for that charity banquet, and it was really becoming uncomfortable.
  • But, over and above all that, did Sang Shixi just confessed his love to me?
  • Why was it that I didn’t feel moved or touched in the slightest, but more than a little disgusted instead?
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