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Chapter 147 Rational Decision

  • On the actual banquet itself, I found myself unable to eat as I usually could. In fact, after a few nibbles, I felt my stomach filling up already.
  • In my hands, was a not-so-large box, with a not-so-modest price tag of 80 million. With that amount of money in cash, I could bury all those pesky administratives and annoying superiors of my past job alive, with plenty to spare.
  • Then my phone rang. It was Gu Yuu, and she put it through a video call. Her eyes were sharp, and she immediately noticed the box in my hand. She dropped what she was going to say and asked, “What is that in your hands?”
  • Right now, I really need someone to listen to me, someone that I can unload all the crazy things that happened to me over these few days. I told her everything that happened.
  • Gu Yuu listened intently, then licked her lips and commented, “So, totally different experiences and a totally different life?”
  • “Totally and completely different.”
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