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Chapter 144 All 72 Hours

  • I must commend Sang Shixi for that last thread of humanity left in him to have not taken my phone away from me. I called Sang Qi, he was very quick to pick up the call.
  • “Hey...”
  • “That son of a bitch Sang Shixi tried to corrupt me with money and power, and now he even locked me up in his conference room.”
  • “Did he now? Well, that’d place me right next door to you then.” His voice came through the phone.
  • “Huh?” I immediately walked over to the wall and tried to see if I could hear him through the wall. Hearing nothing, I hammered my fist against the wall a few times, “Can you hear me banging on the wall?”
  • “Of course not, or the contractors who did the soundproofing would never hear the end of it.” Sang Qi laughed lightly on his end of the phone. He sounded as if he was in good spirits.
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