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Chapter 140 Baby Shower

  • I took my time with my breakfast, and long after I was done with my breakfast did I finally see Sang Shixi walk out of Sang Qi's house.
  • I got Sha to look outside to see if Sang Shixi was really gone. When she came back, she told me that Sang Shixi already drove away.
  • I felt my back, drenched with cold sweat. It has been like this for as long as Sang Shixi was in the house, almost half of an entire day.
  • Being alone with Sang Shixi made me uneasy, every single time.
  • I think Sang Shixi has put a curse on me, and unless he himself set me free from the curse, one day, I would eventually lose everything I have.
  • After Sang Qi came back home, I told him that Sang Shixi had been here, and that he demanded that I attend the child's baby shower the day after tomorrow.
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