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Chapter 138 How Much I Am Worth

  • “Your all, you say. What does it entail, exactly?” Sang Shixi’s voice.
  • “Everything I had that was given to me by the Sang Household, everything that I had because I was a Sang, you are free to take away, if only you give Xia Zhi to me.”
  • I was standing right by the door, and I could hear each and every one of their words with crystal clarity. I could even hear the definite decisiveness in Sang Qi’s voice.
  • I no longer had any more courage to keep listening in on their conversation. Turning around, I sneaked back upstairs to my room as fast as I could without making a sound.
  • Once again in the safety of my own room, I pulled open the fridge door and ripped open a can of drink with my teeth, then gulped the whole thing down.
  • Gu Yuu came and snatched the can away from me, “It hasn’t even been a month since you gave birth, cold things are bad for you!”
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