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Chapter 137 Negotiation Between Brothers

  • And so, I began living at Sang Qi's place once more, this time also with Gu Yuu.
  • Gu Yuu had long since been fired from her job. In fact, because of her sudden disappearance, her parents had been trying to hunt her down looking for her all over the country, so she thought that she'd rather spend some more time together with me before going back home, after her parents' moods calm down a little bit more, relatively speaking.
  • I did give her parents a call though, telling them that their precious daughter was with me, alive and kicking and not kidnapped somewhere.
  • My family and Gu Yuu's family had known each other since we were children, we were so close that the two of us were practically sisters, so after talking to their parents, they conceded to let Gu Yuu stay here with me for the time being.
  • I hired a lawyer to draft up a divorce agreement, and had him contact Sang Shixi. After that, I waited patiently for Sang Shixi to come to me in a fit of rage. Since, I knew that he isn't the type that would simply accept this without another word.
  • I had no clues what the Sang Household or anyone else in it would think, but since I had already made up my mind, I would never go back as Sang Shixi's Young Mrs. Sang once more.
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