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Chapter 135 I Missed You

  • Sang Qi brought us to another house. He told us that this place belonged to one of his friends.
  • He said that he also has properties around here, but if he had gone there, Sang Shixi would be able to find them. So he asked his friend if he could use his place instead.
  • I had no opinions about where we stay, but what I am worried about, was what would happen now that he had freed me from Sang Shixi.
  • Before bed when deciding which room to take, Gu Yuu gave us a knowing look and secretly winked at me as she went ahead and took the guest room, leaving the master bedroom to Sang Qi and I. Which was just as well, since I actually have a few things that I need to discuss with him in private.
  • “I’ve made arrangements already. Tomorrow, there will be some clothes sent here for the two of you.” That I wasn’t too worried about. I knew Sang Qi wouldn’t let us go around without anything decent to wear.
  • “Hmmm.” I contemplated, “I was thinking that, by now, Sang Shixi should already know that you managed to get me away from his place.”
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