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Chapter 132 Squeaky Clean

  • “Sang Qi, your Sheng Yanyan is a lying scheming bitch.” He doesn’t seem to get the point, so I concluded once more.
  • “Must you be so direct?” I felt his breath on my head as he spoke. It tickled a little.
  • The tone of his voice was light hearted. He wanted to cover for Sheng Yanyan, it seemed.
  • As if he couldn’t see right through what kind of woman Sheng Yanyan is, for someone as smart and observing as Sang Qi. I despise men like that.
  • I pulled the buttons of his coat open, then pulled it off of me and threw it into his face. Turning around, I stomped off without as much as another word.
  • He quickly grabbed me by my arm and stopped me. Wrapping his coat on me once more, he asked, “What’s this about?”
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