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Chapter 130 Heart of Steel

  • “Mother, it wasn’t like you think. Xia Zhi was abducted right from the beginning, and Sang Qi was on a business trip.”
  • Wei Lan rose to her feet and looked disbelievingly at her son, “Shixi, why are you always speaking for her? She eloped, she eloped with that bastard bred brother of yours! If this didn’t happen, the two of them would be having the time of their lives right now doing God knows what!”
  • “Mother.” Sang Shixi sat Wei Lan down on the sofa gently, “Xia Zhi really did get kidnapped.”
  • “Kidnapped? Along with all her personal belongings?”
  • “She was on her way to home back to her parent’s house, and that’s when she was kidnapped.”
  • It was obvious that Wei Lan didn’t quite buy his story, but Sang Shixi was very insistent and earnest. He was so convincing that even I felt like perhaps that was what happened after all.
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